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Jump Start Your Body Positive Journey Today - Are You:

  • Feeling low
  • Unmotivated
  • Aren't happy within yourself
  • Short on time
  • Stuck in a rut
  • In need of a kick up the butt
  • Wanting to start your fitness journey but don't know how
  • In need of an overhaul (mentally or physically...or both!)

We’ve got you covered.  Our new 7 Day Free Trial offer has been designed to get you PUMPING, MOTIVATED and feeling the POSITIVE effects within days. 

When you eat well, move your body and have a positive mindset you will become BODY POSITIVE.

Team up with Pepper Hustle and GET BODY POSITIVE. 

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Take back control and BECOME BODY POSITIVE today!

The Benefits

  • Saves Time And Money - No need for expensive gym memberships.  This has been created for busy women like you.  The workouts can be done anytime, anywhere.  Nothing additional needed, except 20 minutes and the right attitude!
  • Full Body Workouts For Accelerated Results - Every Pepper Pyramid is a full body workout.  You will work your body from head to toe in short effective sessions.  The Pepper Pyramids will jump-start your metabolism and expedite Body Positive results.
  • Not A Dress Size - You will change and renew your body, your mind and your lifestyle.  But it won't be at the mercy of numbers.  The Body Positive goal is never a number...not a dress size, a calorie or a scale reading.  It's a feeling, it's freedom.  With your commitment and our support, in as little as 21 days, you will begin to notice positive changes to your body.  You will emerge as a powerful woman, brimming with confidence and determination.
  • Sustainable - There is no calorie counting and no restrictions on food (within reason, of course).   You will learn how to fuel your fitness for accelerated results.  Once you adopt our healthy eating habits and see how easy it is to plan and prepare you'll never go back.  You'll fuel fabulous with our freedom of food plan.

What Our Hustlers Have To Say...

So Sunday morning I decided to give the pyramid workout a go and loved it. This style of work out suits me perfectly can fit it in anywhere any time. I even managed to do skipping finisher 

– C O'Connor

Before I started this I kept saying "Diet starts again Monday!" (Probably every week for 2 years!!) while feeling terrible about myself and guilty for not doing anything about it. I am a long way off my goal but I now feel the best I have felt about myself in around 3 years...so I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Lynne and Martina and all who have cheered me on and helped me get to this point in my journey ❤ Back to it on Monday!

– E M

It literally has been one incredible journey. You have helped me leap every hurdle hassle free. There has been ups and downs but most importantly if we stick to it, it changes your lifestyle with both exercise and food and what is good for our bodies. Thank you all for the support i literally couldn't have completed it without you all encouraging and guilty tripping me. There is a complete notice in my personal change both with my view in exercise and the food i eat. And even my mentality. This was a huge thing for me. This is what this feel good programme is all about. If i can do it anyone can. Before this I actually became the definition of lazy. I can honestly say i haven't looked back once.

– R Power

Feeling so much stronger since I started this journey.I never had a huge amount of weight to loose..but have lost the 1/2 stone I wanted to in 8 wks..which is a healthy 2lbs a week.I know it's not about a number on a scales but my clothes are fitting comfortably and I'm in jeans that I thought I'd never get into again😀

Thanks Lynne for acknowledging the progress and spurring me on to get stronger.

X. Great workouts for women short on time.

– A Noonan