3 Highly Effective Ab Exercises

Free Printable:  3 Highly Effective Ab Exercises which require no equipment and can be done by absolutely ANYONE! We all want tighter abs and a slimmer waist.  Although we cannot spot reduce specific areas of our body in terms of fat loss, we can definitely target specific areas with our workouts. The exercises below will […]

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Why Is Sugar So Bad For You?

Ah, the glorious sugar.  White, sweet and some say, more addictive than cocaine. It can be found in the most innocent of foods like peanut butter to the naughtiest of foods like chocolate cake.  It’s hidden out of sight in “healthy” alternatives and it’s added in its kilos to your favourite fizzy drinks.  But, why […]

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Cellulite, I have found the cure.


I have found the cure for cellulite.  Well kind of. I write this not for the ladies who have never been troubled by how their cellulite looks, or indeed those ladies who have never struggled with body confidence.  I write this for all the girls, teenagers and women who torture themselves daily about how their […]

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