Celebrating Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother's Day

There are many things I’ve forgotten this week. I’ve forgotten to eat breakfast for several days.  I forgot a good friend’s birthday.  I even forgot to put coffee in the coffee machine one morning.  And worse again, I’d half drank the coloured water “coffee” before I realised. I also forgot, until yesterday, that it’s Mother’s […]

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New Year’s Resolutions Are Pointless

New Year's Resolutions Are Pointless

Dear Hustlers, It’s the time of year when millions of people all over the world are putting pen to paper.   They are resolving to be better, be different, be more or less.  They’re going to join, follow-through, commit and finish. I won’t be joining them.   I stopped making new year resolutions years ago. Let’s face it.  New Year’s resolutions […]

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