15 Minute Cardio & Core


15 Minute Cardio & Core

Muscle Group:




No Equipment Necessary

Cardio & Core <15mins
Fit In Four - 4 Moves 1 #PepperPyramid

Take each of the 4 moves in this video: Performs 10 reps of each, in the order shown. Then perform 9 reps of each in the ordre shown. Continue down the pyramid for 8 reps each, 7, 6,5 all the way to 1 rep each.

If you prefer to do as a HIIT Workout - take each exercise - 30 secs work 30 secs rest and repeat 4 times.

Contentrate on keeping the core engaged and slow down if you feel your form is being compromised. A strong core is the backbone of a healthy body.

Have fun and this is a good one to do in front of the telly!

#HustleYourselfHappy #PepperHustle

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