Super Fudgy Brownie

Super fudgy brownie

I give you…Super Fudgy Brownie…the best thing I’ve ever made! Whilst making a chocolatey valentine treat, I stumbled upon the BEST baked treat I’ve ever made…Super Fudgy Brownie. This delicious, naturally sweetened, nutrient-rich brownie is so healthy it’s hard to believe it’s healthy. The preparation time is a little misleading…most of the time is waiting […]

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Chocolate Mint Bliss Balls

Chocolate mint bliss ball

After-dinner mint? Yes please…these chocolate mint bliss balls are refreshing with the perfect amount of sweetness! Bliss balls, energy balls, protein balls or whatever you want to call them🤣 This wholefood, simple to prepare snack ticks all the boxes: Wholesome, healthy ingredients Combines many superfoods that do more than satisfy a sweet craving Prepped and […]

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