Ready To Rock My 40s

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By Martina / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Apr 09, 2019

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  • Natalie White

    Happy Birthday to you. You look amazing. Brilliant read and I agree with all of it. I have found that lowering my expectations has worked wonders. I would build something or someone up in my head and then when it didn’t go to plan i’d be upset. I also march to the beat of my own drum. If it doesn’t suit me I won’t do it to make someone else happy. Enjoy the celebrations.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment Natalie…I’m certainly making the most of this milestone birthday! I agree 100% – the expectations one was a big thing for me…and I feel I enjoy life so much more since I’ve lower my expectations…I find myself continually surprised (in the most pleasant of ways) and open to new outcomes that maybe I wouldn’t be if I always had higher expectations.

  • Karen

    Love this post, its so liberating to feel this way about yourself and life. And the only way of getting to this mindset of acceptance is by living life, going through the highs and lows, learning as you live and slowly loving yourself from the inside out. I’m not quite 40 yet but feel more in tune with myself and what I want to achieve, how I want ti live simply and who and what I soend time doing. Happy birthday so good to know people like you x

    • That’s it exactly Karen…I think the older I get the more simply I want to live. And I want to surround myself with love and happiness. Love your phrase – mindset of acceptance – what a powerful phrase to sum up exactly what I was trying to say!

  • Miriam Keating

    Oh Martina I just loved reading this, so full of truths.
    I celebrated being 40 with as much gusto as my 40 year old self would allow and now the year of being 50 is upon me I’m thinking feck it sure it’s only a number but by god am I going to rip the ass out of the celebrations.
    I love your refreshing honesty and loom forward to reading your blogs.

    • Miriam – you are a breath of fresh air…don’t you ever change or lose your sparkle. I’ve no doubt you will rock your 50s and how amazing do you look❤️

  • Beth O Leary

    Happy Birthday Martina!!! Amen
    I did love my forties. I felt more confident etc. Now I am in my 50s which is another exciting chapter. I m starting now to include self care in my daily plans which is so vital for all people to do. This message is so important to get out to the younger women/men to start now no need to wait. Enjoy your emails!

    • Thank you for replying Beth – I think you’re spot on…as I get older I definitely feel more confident in who I am and what I need to sustain myself on a daily basis. Self-care is definitely a necessity in this busy world we find ourselves in.

  • Olivia Cuddihy

    Happy birthday Martina! Cldnt agree more with your article. I turned 40 last Nov was was absolutely excited about it. Excited for the next chapter, the next decade. It’s a privilege to be hereat this milestone, many don’t live long enough to celebrate their 40th. I had a blast celebrating my 40th (Helena can vouch for that 😉) and I hope you are too. xxxx

    • Hi Olivia – you’re dead right…it does feel like a privilege and I feel very grateful for all I have in my life. The first week of being 40 has been AMAZING❤️ but I seriously look forward to this next decade – it feels in a lot of ways like life is really just getting going now! Wish I had this wisdom, confidence and self-belief 15 years ago!

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